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Office 365

Bulk Assigning DDIs to Microsoft Teams Users / Direct Routing

Okay so this is probably one of the most basic things I’ve ever done/found within PowerShell, but it took me far too long to find

Office 365

Finding Inactive Microsoft Teams in Office 365 & General Housekeeping

With everybody jumping into using Microsoft Teams with both feet, it’s likely by now that you or your clients have realized that as standard, anybody

Office 365

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

With lockdown easing, you’ve probably all had a long few months configuring Microsoft Teams, Zoom and a whole host of other remote-working functionality for your

Unified Communication

Unified Communication – Phone System & Video Conferencing for free!

Hopefully, by now, the VPN tickets have ended and that you’re all working from home with almost fully operating systems and your clients are the


COVID-19 Workaround – Granting Clients Access to ConnectWise Control

There are two ways that I’m aware of that you can grant your customers access to their own devices with ConnectWise Automate/Control as a temporary

Sales & Marketing

Client Profitability Setup (ConnectWise)

So I recently came across probably my biggest oversight with ConnectWise Manage to date – Client Profitability. Like in most businesses, there’s a general consensus

Plugins RMM

Top ConnectWise Automate Plugins

ConnectWise Automate Plugins are great. I’d estimate that plugins over the years have probably saved me around 2 hours a day on average. Over time,


Ransomware Attack Procedure

So, you get a call that a customer has been hit by Ransomware, what do you do? This post is designed to help you to


Customer Welcome Document

I’ve created this document as a rough copy of something that I send to clients when they’re new to our services (amongst others) just to


Mitigating Internal Threats

Introduction With the recent spike in cybersecurity threats, there has been recent news on MSP staff stealing and selling data such as remote access to