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Protect your MSP from Ransomware

Recently there has been a lot of focus on MSPs being targeted by Ransomware/Attacks in forums, groups and in general conversation. I have created this

PSA Sales & Marketing

Pricing Calculator

I’ll likely expand on this later, but here is a VERY simple cost calculator that you can use for your clients, If your website is


How to utilize Ignite within ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate has an amazing feature called Ignite that allows you to customize each pack with your own bespoke monitoring thresholds for your clients. This

PSA Sales & Marketing

The Benefits of an MSP to Small Businesses

Owning or working for a Managed Service Provider is hard work. More often than not, you’re dealing with a host of different issues from a

Office 365 PSA

Microsoft Partner Security Requirements

Microsoft released new Partner Security Requirements that impact partners in the CSP program. What does this mean? All Partners/Resellers (Direct or Indirect) must adhere to


Examples of ConnectWise Manage Status Emails

Introduction ConnectWise Manage allows you to send emails based on Ticket Status, this means that when a new ticket is emailed into your Service Board,


Canned Text Examples for ConnectWise Manage Tickets

Canned Text is a great way to improve consistency within your ticketing. It’s a feature that’s built-in to Manage and isn’t used enough. Let’s set

Automation RMM

Set Network Adapters to Private

A common issue I’ve been running into is that clients aren’t able to connect to their network shares due to their adapters being set to