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Client Profitability Setup (ConnectWise)

So I recently came across probably my biggest oversight with ConnectWise Manage to date – Client Profitability. Like in most businesses, there’s a general consensus


Ransomware Attack Procedure

So, you get a call that a customer has been hit by Ransomware, what do you do? This post is designed to help you to


Customer Welcome Document

I’ve created this document as a rough copy of something that I send to clients when they’re new to our services (amongst others) just to


Mitigating Internal Threats

Introduction With the recent spike in cybersecurity threats, there has been recent news on MSP staff stealing and selling data such as remote access to


MSP Pricing Spreadsheet

I’ve seen a few different pricing guides out there, but none that seemed to fit for what I wanted, or seemed very over-engineered and excessive


Office 365 ProPlus + Chrome = Bing Browser!

Following the announcement from Microsoft recently that from version 2002, Office 365 ProPlus will be altering Chrome’s default search engine to Bing to “provide the


Workstation Setup Procedure (Project Template)

This guide is created within a format that you can copy/paste into a ConnectWise Project Template and can freely be modified. I try to create


MSP Technical Org Roles/Chart Ideas

This post isn’t designed to be a definitive guide on how your organization should be run or the roles involved, however, it is designed to

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ConnectWise 2020.1 Updates

As ConnectWise has now released 2020.1, there are a number of new features and here’s a list of them and how to use them! Security

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ConnectWise Unite – Managing Office 365

Unite is a product from ConnectWise that allows for automatic and easy management of services such as Office 365, Cisco Meraki, Umbrella, Azure, Webex and