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Canned Text Examples for ConnectWise Manage Tickets

Canned Text is a great way to improve consistency within your ticketing. It’s a feature that’s built-in to Manage and isn’t used enough. Let’s set

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Top Tools for IT Professionals and MSPs

Looking across all of the software platforms available to IT Professionals, it’s actually quite a small portion of tools that I actually use on a

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IT Maturity – What is it and why do you need to know?

IT Maturity is effectively how well you (or your clients) are utilizing technology within their business. Working within the MSP environment, IT Maturity Matrices are

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SaaS Backup (Office 365, SharePoint, Google Suite)

Many people have asked me over the years if they need to backup their SharePoint or Office 365 Emails as they are already ‘in the

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Using Ticket Templates In ConnectWise Manage

Ticket templates are a great way of automatically creating tickets for recurring tasks within your Service Desk. Some examples of tickets I automate are: Patch

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How to use Tracks in ConnectWise Manage

Tracks are a great way to automate some of the business processes that are often repeated within ConnectWise. Tracks are a great tool for ensuring

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How to use Projects efficiently in ConnectWise Manage

Projects have long been a part of the Manage platform, but are you utilizing them to their full potential? In this article, we’re taking a