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So I recently came across probably my biggest oversight with ConnectWise Manage to date – Client Profitability. Like in most businesses, there’s a general consensus as to which clients appear to utilize the most time on the help desk and who doesn’t. But actually having real-time figures within ConnectWise on the profitability of each client is a huge eye-opener. The Profitability options within ConnectWise are available in multiple places and reports to show you profitability per agreement, client, ticket or even the Financial Dashboard to view it across Projects etc.

1. Costs

To work out how profitable your clients are, you need to know what your staff are costing you. ConnectWise have a Member Cost Calculator (Links Below) to work this out. This provides you with the Employee Hourly Cost that we’re going to apply to each staff member.


Please check the file for any viruses before opening, These files were downloaded from ConnectWise servers but please take all precautions.

2. Members

Within Manage, open System > Members and open each member and browse to Time/Expense/Billing Information. Under your Hourly Cost header, enter the results from your spreadsheet for each of your staff members.

3. Reporting

Obviously, the data you get out of ConnectWise is as good as the data that you put into it. I’d recommend ensuring that all of your costs and prices are accurate, using Additions within Agreements for your quantities. Using services like Xero, Wise-Sync and Unite are all great ways to automate lots of the finance processes.

Now that you have this set up, you can view the profitability in the following locations:

  • Service Ticket Finance Tab
  • Project Ticket Finance Tab
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Company Finance Recap Tab (Select Company Finance, then the Recap tab)
  • My Opportunity Finance Tab

You can also view the following reports:

  • Employee Compensation Base Report (Time & Expense)
  • Invoiced Hours by Member (Finance)
  • Agreement Gross Profit Report (Finance)
  • Gross Profit by Company (Finance)
  • ROI Report (Marketing)
  • Financial Recap (Marketing)
  • Project Job Costing Summary Report (Project)
  • Project Job Costing Detail Report (Project)

Final Thoughts

It’s worth making sure that the member permissions are set correctly to only allow the appropriate users to be able to view and edit this information. With the reports available to you, it’s quite easy to see for example a client who is paying £100 per month for IT Support and is taking 10 hours of engineering time per month that’s costing you £20 per hour isn’t a profitable client.

I hope this small and easy fix helps you to work out your profitability! Check out our Premium posts for great config posts!



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