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As ConnectWise has now released 2020.1, there are a number of new features and here’s a list of them and how to use them!


Enhanced ConnectWise SSO: Strong authentication using your preferred OIDC identity provider. Be sure to check out our guide on using SSO with Azure AD


Auto-apply Configurations to Tickets: Save time by leveraging Workflow Rule capabilities to automatically append configurations to tickets.

You can utilize this feature by opening the Workflow Rules within Setup Tables and selecting the Action ‘Attach Configuration’ and ‘Attach All Configurations for Contact’ and then select ‘Only attach configuration’ and selecting ‘Managed Workstations’

This will attach all ConnectWise Automate configurations that are assigned to that contact.


Opportunity Teams: Now you can create Sales Teams and split the opportunity percentage per person. There is a new UI on the opportunity screen


Push Notifications: Never miss an update on your tickets with the new push notification feature. No need to leave Manage to see notifications or flood your inbox with emails! (Only available for Cloud partners)

You can create push notifications via the workflow rules under Setup Tables

You can also specify which notifications are received for each user within the new Notification tab under the User menu.

Modern Authentication: Authorization for Office 365 for Calendar and IMAP configuration now has an ‘Authorize’ button to sign in using Modern Authentication rather than creating App Passwords. Ensure that you comply with the Microsoft Partner Security Requirements or these features will stop working.

Additional Reading

I’ve tried to break out most of the new features here and how to use them, however here is the official ConnectWise Documentation if you want to read further about some other minor changes.



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