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ConnectWise Automate Plugins are great. I’d estimate that plugins over the years have probably saved me around 2 hours a day on average. Over time, I’ve accumulated some plugins in Automate (from various 3rd parties) that are absolute lifesavers. I thought I’d share (and reference) these authors to save you all some time!


Please take care to check and test these in an isolated environment. I take no responsibility for any issues caused as a result of anything you do.

MSP Accounts

Author: MrRat

MSP Accounts is a Plugin that automatically creates Active Directory Users on your clients’ servers for each of your Automate users (Techs). Their passwords are securely and randomly generated and automatically change on a schedule defined by yourself. This means that every technician has their own logins, secure passwords and adds accountability.

Another amazing feature is the ‘Service Accounts’ within this plugin that will automatically create local user accounts for clients without Active Directory and set the Automate ‘Password to use for Administrator Access’ to this local account

MSPGeek Post can be found here


Author: Squidworks

AdMon is a plugin that will monitor your local administrators’ group for any anomalies. It allows you to remove or add administrators from within the plugin and to create alerts/tickets when any changes are detected!

One of my most beneficial uses for this plugin is when acquiring a new client. When you deploy Automate, you can quite easily remove all of the local administrators that you need to without having to worry about missing them or interrupting users or creating scripts. It works very well.

Squidworks plugin can be found here

RMM+ Passwords

Author: BigDessert

This plugin has to be the absolute easiest time saver for me. I use this plugin a hundred times a week and it never fails to amaze me. The days of copying/pasting passwords are over. Once you install the Plugin in both ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Control and link them together, you’re presented with an additional option within Control’s ‘Helper’ tab. Enter your Automate URL and Credentials and you’re in. Any client/location credentials are available at the click of a button. It works flawlessly with CTRL + ALT + DEL but I find that router web pages tend to place the username in the URL box for most Draytek routers.

MSPGeek Post can be found here

Disk Tree

Author: Squatting Dog

Disk Tree, a lot like Tree Size or WinDirStat works by specifying a directory or drive that you want to scan and then displaying these files/folders and their sizes. It also shows you in a separate column the top 10 largest files within the scanned location (You can simply scan C:\ although depending on the machine it may take some time)

What’s great is that you can expand folders out, copy their paths or even delete them from within the plugin itself. No need to get onto a computer or run a script and a nice visual interface.

ConnectWise Automate Plugins - Disk Tree by Squatting Dog.

Squatting Dog’s plugin can be found here

BitDefender GravityZone

Although many of you won’t use BitDefender, you should check for plugins either via recognized 3rd parties or ConnectWise themselves. I know there are plugins for Sophos/Trend etc. However, I haven’t used them to write about them. BitDefender is an Anti-Virus/Malware solution that I use personally and I find this plugin is great for those client onboards where you simply tick ‘Auto Deploy’ and any device that has an Automate agent installed for that client will have BitDefender within a reboot. The plugin will silently deploy the agents to your clients and apply the default policies/packages that you specify and also try to remove any competitors products (if desired)

As well as the deployment which makes life easier (BitDefender doesn’t supply MSI Files as standard, although you can make your own with Orca), there’s the ticketing integration which will push notifications of Anti-Malware and Advanced Threat Control (ATC) (Check out the Ransomware Attack Procedure while we’re on the topic of AV)

ConnectWise Automate Plugins - BitDefender GravityZone via MSP Blog

Warranty Master

Another huge plugin is Warranty Master. the ability to pull in serial numbers and expiration dates surpass any other plugins I have personally used. It provides you with dashboards/reports and sales calculations based on expired warranties.

Although it looks nice, the Dashboard doesn’t mean all that much to me. Telling me that my clients have devices that are out of warranty does not mean that I’m going to make another £150,000 this month. Sometimes, clients simply won’t pay to upgrade. What I do like is being able to have this information to hand and to use it for QBR with clients to try and set scheduled targets (replace X amount of devices each month). It also works great for onboarding a new client as you won’t have sold them their PC’s, you can easily see the value from this. With Windows 10 Build Upgrades also now showing the ‘OS Install Date’ as the date of the latest build, it’s a great way to actually see the age of some hardware you’re supporting.

Link to WarrantyMaster can be found here

Final Thoughts

This is just a small list of the amazing plugins available that can make your life easier. Please check out MSPGeek for more information on plugins. If you can, please try to donate whatever possible to the authors of the plugins that you use, A lot of time and effort goes into creating them and making life easier for everyone and a lot of my favorite plugins listed are free.

Please also take the time to look at the developers listed above other Projects and portfolios. They have some other amazing plugins that you will love!



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