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ConnectWise is a platform that is continually growing. In order to ensure that you’re giving your customers the best service, you may want to think about outsourcing the management of your ConnectWise Suite.

I’ve been working within the ConnectWise platform for around 8 years and have worked with companies to implement ConnectWise from both a technical and a management role.

Implementation is a huge process that’s much bigger than just getting yourself set up and creating tickets within the system and throwing invoices out.

If you’ve made the investment into ConnectWise, you need to carefully plan how to integrate your existing systems into ConnectWise for a seamless transition, not only for your staff but more importantly for your clients.


This is where we come in. With over 10 years in the business, I not only know what to do but also know what not to do. Here are some areas that I specialize in:

  • Business Consultancy – In the world of MSPs, it’s always good to be ahead of your competition. I can help by evaluating your business processes and working to improve them. My experience in the MSP world heavily involves Sales, Technical and Management. This has allowed me to understand all aspects of the trade.
  • Implementation – ConnectWise Gold package for onboarding is at around 12 hours for thousands of pounds, this is where we can really show value. I can provide onboarding consultancy and implementation. Normally, this is extremely beneficial so when you come to do your 12 hours with ConnectWise, you’re already 80% through the time-consuming tasks that normally eat through consultation. This leaves your paid for time to be used with properly customizing your system.
  • Automate – Reducing ticket noise, building groups, scripts, monitors, reports are all great ways to really make your RMM platform work for you. Newer versions of scripts now allow us to allocate time saved, really showing you how much your scripts are working for you.
  • Maintenance – Already a ConnectWise user? Not a problem. In the MSP environment, it’s quite common for a business to hand the role of ConnectWise Admin off to a member of the team and they’re forced into a job that they don’t want or know how to do. We can create weekly or monthly maintenance plans for you where we constantly manage Patching, Automation, Scripting, Alerts and inform you of methods to constantly improve.

Why Me?

As an experienced ConnectWise user, I was handed the role of ConnectWise Admin many years ago and found that I actually prefer it to my job as an engineer. I’ve since made it a personal hobby to continue developing ConnectWise customizations and helping fellow Admins with this blog. Consultancy is something that comes naturally within the line of work that I’ve been in for most of my professional career.


Please get in touch via our form below and we can discuss (for free) the best way forward for your business. If you’re interested in getting a structured plan created, all pricing is available upfront and transparent.

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