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Microsoft released new Partner Security Requirements that impact partners in the CSP program.

What does this mean? All Partners/Resellers (Direct or Indirect) must adhere to the security requirements effective August 1st, 2019.

Does this concern me?

If you’re in one of the following categories, you will need to adopt these requirements:

  • All partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program
    • Direct bill
    • Indirect provider
    • Indirect reseller
  • All Control Panel Vendors
  • All Advisors

Why is this happening?

Having access to all of your clients’ Office 365 information and the power to reset passwords, access data and cause potential damage if mistreated, these requirements are set out to enforce partners tenants to protect them from being compromised.

PSA/RMM Impact

Having your PSA/RMM utilizing Office 365 will be impacted as you’re using these features within most of your products. Please see a list of impacted services below:

ConnectWise Manage Email Connector, Outbound email, and Calendar Sync
ConnectWise Automate Email Connector, Outbound email, Outlook Integration
ConnectWise SellEmail
ConnectWise ControlEmail
ConnectWise UnitePowershell Integration

Becoming Compliant

To ensure that you comply with the requirements, you need to update your systems to utilize App Passwords within Office 365 and ensure that ‘Disable Legacy Authentication’ isn’t enabled.

ConnectWise Manage

Create an App Password for each account that is being used in Manage and update your IMAP Setup and Calendar Sync Setup

ConnectWise Automate

Create an App Password for the account used with Automate and update it within the Dashboard

ConnectWise Sell

Create an App Password and head over to Settings > Workflow Integrations > Email Server

ConnectWise Control

Create an App Password and use the Extension Advanced SMTP Extension Setup and enter the app password

ConnectWise Unite

Log into Unite as an Admin and select the bell icon at the top of the page. Click Authenticate for each

Did we miss something?

Please get in touch if we can help any further or if any information is missing!



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