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Many people have asked me over the years if they need to backup their SharePoint or Office 365 Emails as they are already ‘in the cloud’, aren’t they already backed up? The short answer is no.

Yes, there is file versioning, recycle bins (second-stage recycle bin within SharePoint) but it’s not always enough.

Over the years, I’ve come across businesses that have had staff who have wiped their business emails, contacts, SharePoint and they’ve also emptied the recycle bin or simply deleted it more than 93 days ago (as is the retention period of the recycle bin in SharePoint) who have in turn lost valuable business data.

Common Issues

1 in 3 businesses has reported that they have lost data in the cloud-based applications and around 50% of MSP-Based Ransomware attacks happen within Office 365. Other common issues that occur are:

  • License Removal – As licenses are removed from historic users, their data becomes inaccessible and over time can be removed from the cloud, resulting in a loss of historic information.
  • Ransomware – Becoming more of an issue than ever, Ransomware can encrypt thousands of files before you’re even aware of it. Microsoft themselves recommend a 3rd party backup provider to combat these threats.
  • Time Consumption – Microsoft’s official play on restoring data within SharePoint is a ‘Point in Time’ restore of your entire SharePoint tenant. This means every site within SharePoint will be rolled back should your item not be found in the recycle bin.

Personal Case

Recently, I had an actual genuine reason to restore from my SharePoint backup when Microsoft failed to assist. I have around 5 OneNote Notebooks within SharePoint, however, these only show up as a 1kb ‘Link’ in OneDrive. When this ‘Link’ was moved into another folder, all of my OneNote pages disappeared, and my recycle bin only showed a 1kb link that I could restore. It was several days later that I actually used OneNote and found the issue, meaning hundreds of other files had been changed within SharePoint since. A Point in Time restore was simply not an option.

The Solution

SaaS Backup for Office 365 and other platforms is simply a must. It allows for multiple automatic daily backups, point in time restores if they’re fit for purpose, and unlimited retention with a lot of providers out there. There are also many discussions on the Microsoft Tech Community

What’s Included?

When looking for a SaaS partner, you’ll want to ensure that all of the vital information is covered. Here’s a comprehensive list that you should be looking to include:

  • OneDrive: All files (including One Note) and folders with file structure intact
  • Contacts: All contact information
  • Calendar: Events, attachments and any calendars owned by users
  • Mail: All emails, attachments, notes
  • SharePoint: Primary, custom, group, and team site collections, Custom generic site lists, Folder structure, Document libraries and sets, Site assets, templates, and pages


I’m not going to go into pricing as they can change, and I wouldn’t like to ‘out’ anybody for over/underpricing their clients, but it may be worth looking at including it within your support costs. Ensuring your clients have good backups is essential. If you would like for me to send over some providers that I do currently use, please contact me and I’ll walk you through what works for me.



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