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A common issue I’ve been running into is that clients aren’t able to connect to their network shares due to their adapters being set to Public networks in Windows. To get around this issue, I’ve simply created a PowerShell script in ConnectWise Automate with the following:

Powershell Script to change all Public adapters to Private

$NetConnectionProfiles = Get-NetConnectionProfile | Where-Object {$_.NetworkCategory -eq ‘Public’} ForEach ($NetConnectionProfile in $NetConnectionProfiles) { Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetworkCategory Private }

Another issue that commonly occurs with this is that Network Discovery is turned off. Use the following script to resolve this:

Enable Network Discovery

netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”Network Discovery” new enable=yes


Within ConnectWise Automate, I have created a script that includes these Powershell commands very easily, and I have then used the Workflow Rules within Manage to automatically run this when a Type, Subtype and Item have been set within the client ticket. By the time that the ticket is assigned to an engineer, the script has run against the machine and notes are added from the script to inform of the outcome.



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