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Personally, I love the new Customer Portal. It allows clients to seamlessly Chat with you via ChatAssist, pay their invoices, view their Tickets and Projects! This article describes the quickest way to get you up and running with the new portal so that you can start utilizing it!

Creating your Portal

If you’ve never been through the initial setup, you’ll need to create a custom subdomain. As standard, all domains will end in ‘’ and your chosen subdomain will be used before this, as

The below table will show you the URL to get started creating your portal as well as their IP Addresses if you’re on-premise and need to allow these through your firewall. They are accessed on both port 80 and 443 for HTTP/HTTPS

North America


If you’re having issues signing in, log into Manage and check your ‘Today’ notifications, you may not have accepted the new ConnectWise EULA which is a requirement for setting up this new portal.

Once you’re logged in, follow the guide on setting up and custom branding, colours, headline etc.

Options

During the setup, you’ll be prompted to allow different sign in options. If you enable ‘Generic Login’ When users sign-in they will be taken to and their branding will take over.

Payment Gateways

You can set up PayPal and ConnectBooster as Payment Gateways to allow your clients to pay their invoices via the Customer Portal. The above link for PayPal will explain how to set this up, however, the ConnectBooster article is slightly more in-depth. Once you have completed this article, simply head into the ConnectBooster setup under the Payment section and enter your URL.


This is the amazing part! Setting up these services is your way of getting the client to fill in any information about the type of ticket that they are creating. As standard, you get a pre-defined ‘service ticket’ one that asks the client if the issue they’re having is only affecting themselves, offers them the chance to upload any screenshots and checks when the best time to reach out to them is. Some of the additional ‘Services’ that I have configured are:

  • New User Request
  • Remove User Request
  • Server Down
  • Part Request
  • Wi-Fi Surveys

With these services, you can pre-define questions such as:

  • Username
  • Expected Start Date
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Do they require a PC configuring
  • Do they need to be added to any groups

This greatly reduces the potential for these things to be missed when a client previously had emailed over ‘set up John Smith tomorrow’

To create a Service, select Create and give it a name and create your two pages. See below for a template.

ConnectWise Portal Services, creating new user requests

Once you have created your pages, you can then define where these tickets are created. You can pre-select the Board, Type, Subtype & Item, Priority and more.

Once you select Save & Publish, you can then see your new Service if you view it as a client

ConnectWise Portal showing New User Service Type

Additional Configuration

Now that you have the base information set up, you can customize the portal permissions and what is visible. To do this, open ConnectWise Manage and head to Setup Tables > Portal Configuration

Within this table, you can choose to show Projects, Invoices, Opportunities, Reports, Configurations, and Agreements. These are all customizable to only show certain types/categories of each.

Publishing the Portal

Ensure that within the Portal Configuration setup table that the URL shown is the one you have just created. You should also go to Settings > My Company Owner and at the bottom, ensure that the portal URL is correct.

Final Thoughts

The new customer portal really brings something extra to your ticketing abilities. It lets you standardize quite a lot of the usual attachments in emails into a simple, clean design. If you have any questions, please get in touch!



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