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Tracks are a great way to automate some of the business processes that are often repeated within ConnectWise. Tracks are a great tool for ensuring that your business creates the same strategic approach to certain sales or technical aspects. We’re going to go through some tracks that I use within Manage.

Some common areas that Tracks are used:

  • Onboarding/Offboarding Clients
  • Prospecting
  • Accounts on Hold
  • Project Quoting
  • Events

Track Actions

Within the Tracks Setup Tables, you can define actions such as:

  • Create Activity
  • Change Company Status
  • Add to Group
  • Create Ticket
  • Send Email


In this example, we’re going to create a track for Offboarding an existing client.

To create a Track, head over to Setup Tables > Tracks > Add

Tracks Setup table showing Client Offboarding Track

In the image above, we can see in the background that we have a set of actions for offboarding a client and within this, we can see that these actions are set to be performed after 30 days, as this is our ‘cooling-off’ period.

These Actions set above can all have different ‘Perform after [x] days’ set.

When creating a Ticket within a Track, you have to select a Ticket Template, We have a guide on Ticket Templates here.

Now that our Track is created, we can simply apply this to a company when it is required, and all of the above actions will occur. I personally prefer Tracks to be used when certain non-technical tasks occur over a simple Ticket or Project.

How to Apply Tracks

Tracks can be applied to a Company, Contact or Opportunity.

Head over to one of the above locations and select the Tracks and select Add.


Another common example of a Track used would be for finance. We’re going to create a basic track for Missed X Payments and have it change a company status to Delinquent.

Tracks setup table showing a delinquent status.

Now we’re going to head over to our Workflow Rules and create a rule to attach a track to a client who has missed X amount of payments.

Tracks workflow showing an example of a client who has missed 30 days payments

Workflow Rule Tip

When using Workflow Rules, I’d suggest using as many Event Triggers as possible to ensure you only get the results you want.



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