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Ticket templates are a great way of automatically creating tickets for recurring tasks within your Service Desk. Some examples of tickets I automate are:

  • Patch Management
  • Management Tasks (QBR, Meetings, etc.)
  • Monthly Services (Auditing, Reporting, etc.)

Creating Ticket Templates is a great way of creating those recurring jobs that need doing, whilst also making sure they’re done consistently. Ticket Templates allow for Tasks to be automatically created within the ticket, specific members to be assigned and can be created once and applied to multiple companies, allowing for easy maintenance if any changes are required in the future. Ticket Templates are also utilized in Tracks, as described here

Creating A Ticket Template

Head over to Setup Tables > Ticket Templates > Add

We’ll create a Ticket Template for Monthly Patch Reporting, our intentions for this ticket is to have a technician run a report within Automate to check and approve any new patches to be deployed to our managed devices.

Within the Template screen, Create a Template Name and your Ticket Summary and fill out the service information.

Ticket Template showing the Template Column.


Take note of your Auto Generation Options at the bottom of the template screen, this is how many days prior to the date the ‘Resources’ that the ticket will be created.

Once you have completed your template, you can then assign Resources and create Tasks as shown below

Ticket Template Tasks showing a list of tasks to ConnectWise Automate Patch Approvals.

Assigning your template

Now that you’ve created your template, you need to assign it to a customer for it to apply.

Head over to Companies > Ticket Templates and select ‘Add’ and select your template from the drop-down menu

Ticket Template allowing to Copy or Link the template.

You now have the option to Copy the Template which then converts the template to be specific to that client, and it will no longer receive updates from the Template created in the setup tables, or you can link the template as described above.

Further Reading

ConnectWise University has an article on Recurring Service Tickets with an informative video located here



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