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This guide is created within a format that you can copy/paste into a ConnectWise Project Template and can freely be modified. I try to create as little of a number of phases/tickets as possible and work out of the Tasks within the tickets for the administrative effort it takes to maintain within ConnectWise.

Phase 1: Build

Ticket 1: Unbox, Image, Build


  • Unbox PC and run through initial Windows 10 setup wizard.
  • Ensure updates completed to latest OS Build
  • Install RMM Software
  • Install Anti-Virus Product
  • Install Office
  • Install Chrome
  • Install Adobe Reader
  • Set default apps (Chrome, Outlook, Adobe)
  • Remove Bloatware

Phase 2: On-Site Installation

Ticket 2: Profile


  • Join Local/Azure AD if applicable and sign-in
  • Migrate user data if necessary from the old workstation
  • Install Printers
  • Set up SharePoint/Server Shared Drives
  • Install Client-Specific Software
  • Check folder redirection if applicable
  • Configure Outlook & Signature

Final Thoughts

I generally create a time budget against these in Manage for how long they take and following the project have a final phase of reviewing and updating the budget and also any issues that the template has to refine it. In Manage, I create ticket templates for the ‘Client-Specific Software’ that then has its own tasks for each different client and their bespoke software.



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